Algarvian Roots with Grupo Folclórico de Faro

The Faro Folkloric Group is the oldest in the Algarve, with origins dating back to the 1930s.

This group also contributes to the maintenance of the traditions it represents through its participation in research and ethnographic exhibitions, the teaching of Algarve regional dances in schools and the organization of various folklore-related events in Faro. Of these events, the most popular has been the FolkFaro – Folklore International City of Faro, a festival that in recent years has managed to bring the attention of the public from various countries and the participation of various international groups.

In addition to its role in the region, the Faro Folklore Group has already participated in various events outside Portugal: the Group has represented Algarve folklore in places such as Greece, France, Canada, USA and Brazil, among many other countries.

Given its role in promoting Algarve folklore, it is only natural that the Faro Folkloric Group was our guest at the Algarvian Roots event – a celebration of the Algarve culture and traditions of this region.

It was an event that helped us in one of the objectives that guide our initiatives at Quinta Shopping: to keep alive the connection with our region and what the Algarve represents in our identity.