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Boutique Mall Concept

Quinta Shopping is a luxury boutique mall strategically located at the entrance of the prestigious Quinta do Lago resort, and close to other resorts such as Vale do Lobo, Dunas Douradas and Pinheiros Altos, to name a few.

Quinta Shopping offers a wide range of luxury stores representing many well-known national and international brands. At Quinta Shopping you can buy, in an exclusive environment, your favourite clothes, shoes, furniture, jewellery, perfumes, home decor, your favourite newspaper or simply a gift for a loved one. Quinta Shopping also offers a selection of restaurants, bars and caf├ęs. Its unique style and the elegance of Quinta Shopping make it a meeting point for everyone.

On the first floor, you can find a unique range of offices offering services such as law, architecture, banking and more.

Quinta Shopping’s central square has a natural, warm and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an evening cocktail. Quinta Shopping is the right place to visit. Quinta Shopping offers many events and is open 365 days a year, all day long. Quinta Shopping has ample and easy parking.


Within the concept of Boutique Mall that defines us, Quinta Shopping has intrinsic values ??to its creation, development and operation that integrate it into the space in which it operates and the lifestyle it promotes.

With its romantic and inspiring architecture and its sunny location, Quinta Shopping offers a unique experience for its visitors: whether you are looking for shopping in a high fashion store, or sitting and relaxing on one of our terraces, the goal of the Quinta Shopping is to promote in your space a light and relaxing lifestyle.

Within the high standards of quality of life made possible by the exceptional climate and sunshine almost all year round, the Algarve is the right place for a boutique mall like Quinta Shopping.

The prime location is one of the factors that puts Quinta Shopping in line with its core values: offering a premium experience in a place that contributes to that feeling of tranquillity, making use of the characteristics of the surrounding space without harming the natural conditions of the place.

Throughout the year, Quinta Shopping develops various events that streamline the space, bringing different audiences to the Boutique Mall without losing its identity.

Within the values ??of nature conservation that we stand for, our public is known as the swallow colony that makes Quinta Shopping their home. The terns are a protected species that we welcome in our space, representing one of the unique characteristics of Quinta Shopping.

Would you like to exhibit at our mall?

Located in Quinta do Lago, in a central area and where hundreds of people pass every day, Quinta Shopping is the ideal place to exhibit your project.

If you are looking for a place to spread your idea to the right audience, contact us for more information about this service.

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